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8393 Farmer Couple
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20 ” x 23 ” x 10 ”

  • 2-year warranty
  • LARGE, Swiss-made, 36-note music box movement
  • Animated dancers, waterwheel, bell, and horse
  • Fine, woodcut details
  • Intricately cut dial
  • Wooden weight shells
  • Wooden hands, numbers, and bird
  • Hand carved, hand painted
  • Large, traditional Black Forest chalet
  • Large, German carvings of chickens, roosters, ducks, geese, farmer, etc.
  • Shut-off switch
  • Official Black Forest clock certified by the VDS
  • Made in Germany
  • A Romba Original!

This is a beautiful and lovingly crafted piece, with great carvings of a farmer couple and their barn. The carvings on this clock represent some of the finest woodcarving currently available. There are several figures made with true artistry. The color is applied by hand by the award-winning painter Conny Haas.

This huge clock is packed with all kinds of impressive details. Even the tiny dancers are carved with incredible detail. There is so much to see here, one could spend hours admiring the artwork. The waterwheel turns and the horse moves his head to feed.

The hands, numbers and calling bird are all of solid wood, and this musical cuckoo includes a shut-off switch.