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CHF420 Classic Brienz Chalet in Amber
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  • This cuckoo clock has a special place in our hearts. Our first chalet cuckoo clock made in 1920 was inspired by the house in which we had our workshop and in those days it looked just like this model. After many alterations and extensions to our workshop which occurred over the last 96 years, it does not resemble our clock very much. So the more does it have a special meaning to the Loetscher company. It represents our beginnings and our innovation of the chalet shape to the cuckoo clock world that still today is the most sought after form.
  • Aside from the two balconies and staircases on the side of the chalet, hand cut wood logs decorate the front of the house. The fountain well on the right is also made from twigs and is surrounded by flowers which are made of stones that were carefully collected at the shores of Lake Brienz and colored by hand.
  • Additionally, this model also has stones on the roof that in real life prevent Alpine snow from sliding to the ground and cause damage. The stones are collected from Lake Brienz and carefully attached to the roof by hand.

    Overall Dimensions:
  • 23 x 21 cm  (9 x 8 in)