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CHF420 Classic Brienz Chalet
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  • In 1920, we built our very first cuckoo clock, the design of which was inspired by the chalet housing our workshop. That very same chalet also inspired the look and feel of this model, so, as you can imagine, it holds a very dear place in our hearts here at Loetscher.
  • A lot has changed over the last 96 years as our workshop has grown and we’ve added some enhancements. But some things have stayed the same: our unerring dedication to the finest craftsmanship and our signature chalet design—an innovation we brought to the cuckoo clock world. Loetscher’s chalet is still—nearly a century later—the most sought-after design in the cuckoo clock market.
  • Our ‘Brienz Chalet’ is a classic structure, comprised of two balconies and staircases ascending along each side. A stack of firewood can be seen at the foot of the left-side staircase—you can almost catch the heady aroma of freshly cut wood—and a fountain well to the right. The entire scene is trimmed with colorful alpine wildflowers.
  • This chalet also pays homage to another element of Alpine design: rocks placed strategically around the roof to prevent heavy snow from sliding to the ground and causing damage.

    Overall Dimensions:
  • 23 x 21 cm  (9 x 8 in)