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CHF390 The Seesaw, the Cow and the Ibex (2213)
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  • This Emmental-style chalet cuckoo clock is quite animated and playful. The centerpiece is a seesaw situated just above the face of the clock with two giddy children, a little boy and girl, on either end. The seesaw tilts up and down in rhythm with the clock's ticking and the swing of the pendulum, infusing the whole scene with a cheerful, lighthearted mood. A large black-and-white dairy cow with big round eyes occupies the left side of the scene across from a proud ibex on the right. Two milk canisters, hand-carved from linden wood, sit on the grass near our cow.
  • After our cuckoo bird announces the hour with his song, our ibex leaps joyfully into the air and our cow to nod his head contentedly. Finally, a chimney sweep’s head pops up from the chimney with every call of our cuckoo. It’s a lively day at the Seesaw Chalet!

    Overall Dimensions:
  • 26 x 23 cm (10 x 9 in)