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CHF300 The Ski Chalet (2797)
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  • It is almost impossible to think about Switzerland without certain iconic images coming to mind: powdery snow, majestic peaks, rosy-cheeked skiers swooshing down endless slopes, and of course, the traditional ski chalet. With this cuckoo clock Loetscher pays homage to a sport long loved in this country, a passion that is handed down from generation to generation. The Swiss teach their children—starting at an early age—how to ski in the mountains.
  • The scene depicted here presents a classic Swiss mountain chalet. Off to the right you’ll find pair of skis resting against the front of the house, next to which are two milk canisters sitting on the ground. On the left of the scene is a fountain well—a common sight in the Swiss mountains and around Brienz in particular.

    Overall Dimensions:
  • 20 x 16 cm (8 x 6 in)