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CHF930 Barry & the Puppies
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  • This clock charms with several lovingly crafted features, including a rotating waterwheel and steps leading to a corner veranda adorned with delicately detailed flowers. And, of course, there’s our best friend Barry standing at the front of the chalet, bookended by two very kissable Saint Bernard puppies.
  • The cuckoo bird alerts us to the hour and half-hour. Once our bird completes his task, a sweet melody plays, setting the waterwheel into motion, and sending our dancing couples twirling across the balcony.
  • We painstakingly search the fields and streams around Brienz and the banks of beautiful Lake Brienz for just the right rocks to place around the waterwheel. We also put great care into creating the most exquisite geranium arrangements, the fine features of which are faithfully replicated by our craftsmen out of sand collected from the shores of Lake Brienz. It is this devotion to authenticity that makes all our cuckoo clocks true masterpieces.

    Overall Dimensions:
  • 32 x 34 cm (12.5 x 13 in)