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CHF810 Swiss Independence Day Chalet
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  • Loetscher toasts the founding of Switzerland with this very special model. On August 1, 1291, three Alpine cantons took an oath of confederation, and since then that date has been celebrated throughout as Switzerland’s independence day. People commemorate the day with spectacular traditions, including paper lantern parades, fireworks and flag throwing, which is not only an art form in Switzerland but also a competitive sport.
  • Our ‘National Day’ chalet cuckoo clock presents a scene that showcases some of Switzerland’s most loved traditions, particularly flag throwing. On the left side you’ll find a flag thrower standing atop a sweet, grass-covered knoll encircled by brilliant Alpine flowers and boulders. In the center is the heart-melting sight of Barry, the Saint Bernard dog and his two puppies. On the right side of the scene are three musicians playing traditional instruments to honor the day. When the music signaling the arrival of the hour begins to play, our flag thrower twirls gracefully.
  • The cuckoo bird’s door is painted bright red—one of the two national colors of Switzerland.

    Overall Dimensions:
  • 30 x 44 cm (12 x 17 in)