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CHF740 The Yellow Bird Chalet
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  • This enchanting chalet cuckoo clock gets its name from the two bright yellow birds carved into the chalet’s gable. The birds’ vibrant yellow tone is set off dramatically by the gable’s rich brown color.
  • To the left side of the scene you’ll find two curious little goats tucked away into a snug stable. When a tune plays on the half hour, the playful goats move up and down to the music, giving the delightful impression they’re dancing. At the same time, figurines on the balcony twirl upon hearing the music.
  • Finally, as with all Loetscher cuckoo clocks, the decorative boulders and geraniums scattered about the chalet are gathered and crafted from the sands on the shore of Lake Brienz.

    Overall Dimensions:
  • 28 x 32 cm (11 x 12.5 in)