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CHF660 The White Chalet
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  • If your desire is to own a Loetscher clock that really stands out of from the rest, this Emmental-style chalet cuckoo clock offers a stylistic departure with its snow-colored façade. Decorative curved wooden beams adorn the front of the house, their dark brown color providing a lovely counterpoint to the white of the edifice–as do the red wooden window shutters. This strikingly handsome model presents a scene where we find a waterwheel off to the left side, over which stands a small, protective roof. To the right of the waterwheel and behind a small slowing stream sits a sturdy wooden bench offering travelers and passersby a place to rest and enjoy the scenery. At every half hour music plays, sending our dancers waltzing merrily across the balcony.

    Overall Dimensions:
  • 30 x 28 cm (12 x 11 in)