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CHF570 The Woodcutter’s Chalet
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  • Loetscher has created yet another visually arresting and lively chalet cuckoo clock that offers several unique features. Our ‘Woodcutter Chalet’ model distinguishes itself from the others with its brightly painted red-colored eaves and gables decorated with yellow-colored flower carvings. We also introduce a new character, an endearing little woodcutter boy, who stands in front of the chalet at the ready, shiny axe in hand.
  • Off to the right side of scene you’ll discover two milk cans sitting on a shelf attached to the chalet wall, and on the left side a waterwheel covered by a finely detailed roof. This waterwheel is different from others because part of it dips beneath ground level, adding yet another layer of visual interest to the entire scene.
  • And finally, there are two children astride a seesaw on the balcony. When music plays at the half hour, the waterwheel rotates and the seesaw swings up and down. Never a dull moment at the ‘Woodcutter’s Chalet’!

    Overall Dimensions:
  • 30 x 28 cm (12 x 11 in)