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CHF550 Traditional Brienz Chalet
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  • This model is Loetscher’s ode to the traditional Brienz-style chalet, a common sight in and around Brienz. The simple elegance of its design and its meticulous craftsmanship speak to the character of the people inhabiting this mountainous landscape. From generation to generation, they hold dear their devotion to quality and their appreciation for the simpler things in life.
  • The scene portrayed in this model presents a small veranda off to the left from which steps leads down to the chalet’s front lawn. Here we find freshly chopped wood logs neatly piled up against the house—also a common sight in this Alpine hamlet. The logs not only serve practical purposes, but are also used by many locals to add a decorative touch to their chalet’s façade. These particular logs come from the branches of trees in and around Brienz. Once gathered and stored for a period of time, the branches are cut by hand with painstaking care to make certain they resemble real logs one would find in front of a Brienz chalet.
  • Off to the right side of the scene you’ll discover a very huggable St. Bernard pup emerging from his doghouse, and in front of him, a pile of finely sliced kindling laying next to a tree stump used for chopping wood.

    Overall Dimensions:
  • 21 x 25 cm (8 x 10 in)