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CHF1750 The Winemaker’s Chalet
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  • The ‘Winemaker’ model is another truly extraordinary piece in the Loetscher collection for two reasons: this chalet cuckoo clock was modeled on an existing building in the Canton of Appenzell. The first element that greatly sets this one apart is the striking white-painted tower on the chalet’s left side. The three windows running up the face of the tower are adorned with flower boxes overflowing with colorful blossoms, and flanked by shutters painted a vivid red, making the already arresting scene even more lovely to behold.
  • Another feature that makes this model so exceptional is its nod to Swiss winemakers. At center stage you’ll find a winemaker carrying a sack of freshly picked grapes, as well as a couple of elegant snow-white geese sunning themselves in the grass. Behind our winemaker, off to the right side of the scene, you’ll discover a traditional wine press.
  • Barry, the Saint Bernard dog, and his two puppies, can be found on stage left, standing on a platform. After the cuckoo bird’s call on the hour, one of two different tunes plays alternately, sending the dog’s rotating platform into motion while also sending the dancers on the balcony into a cheerful whirl.

    Overall Dimensions:
  • 40 x 48 cm (16 x 19 in)