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CHF1150 - Bear Encounter
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  • The European brown bear had disappeared from the Swiss Alps during 20th century, but returned sometime after 2005. Crossing paths with one is a rare and remarkable event. This enchanting eight-day cuckoo clock brings to life such a magical moment: a bear drops in for a visit at our farmer’s chalet. The farmer, charmed by this furry visitor, casually leans on his walking staff, apparently enjoying this pleasant surprise. The bear, standing on his hind legs, appears to reach playfully toward the farmer for—what else—a gentle bear hug. Barry, the Saint Bernard dog, stands dutifully by our farmer, unfazed by this furry visitor.
  • This exquisitely crafted clock has the familiar Swiss chalet-style veranda, as well as a staircase leading to the lawn below. Off to the right side of the scene you’ll find a long fountain well, carved from the twigs of trees from in and around Brienz. Figurines up on the balcony waltz joyously on the hour.

    Overall Dimensions:
  • 36 x 41 cm (14 x 16 in)