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CHF1100 - Heidi & the Musicians
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  • This heart-warming eight-day chalet cuckoo clock brings together two of the most beloved characters from Swiss lore: the ever-joyful and bright Heidi, who has enchanted children around the world with her love of the mountains, and Barry, the St. Bernard dog.
  • Here we find Heidi off to the right side of the scene, donning a bright red traditional dress and matching hat. In one hand she’s carrying a walking stick and in the other a lovingly detailed bag. Off to the left side of the scene is Barry standing guard in front of his snug little doghouse. The legendary wooden barrel —perhaps a Saint Bernard’s most distinguishing feature—hangs from his furry neck.
  • A novel feature of this cuckoo clock is the addition of four rosy-cheeked musicians from the Appenzell region of Switzerland, dressed in traditional costumes and playing traditional instruments. Our cuckoo bird calls out on the hour, after which one of two delightful tunes plays alternately, sending our dancers waltzing across the balcony.

    Overall Dimensions:
  • 32 x 36 cm (13 x 14 in)